KEVIN BOWNICK - Enjoying Retirement
Mortgage Brokerage and Investment Services

Kevin represents the other side of the mortgage spectrum here at The Mortgage Advantage. Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Kevin brings us over 30 years of mortgage investment experience.

Kevin specializes in helping to match clients needing Private Second Mortgages with investors willing to fund them. From a background in Marketing and Sales, through 25 years of running a small business Kevin understands the importance of customer service and respects the fact that sometimes things in life just happen and clients are left out in the cold with nowhere to go.

As a small businessman Kevin understands how difficult it is sometimes for people to find bank financing, perhaps you are Business for Self, or maybe you have just changed jobs, or have been sick, in an accident, or just recently divorced. There are lots of good people in this world that the banks won’t finance and Kevin is here to help those people.

Kevin has been a licensed Mortgage Broker since 2003. Please contact him to explore either Mortgage Investment Opportunities or to answer any questions you may have on obtaining a Private Second Mortgage.