Elisha Lonegren


Assistant Mortgage Broker - Kelowna Division

After spending over ten years in the health care industry, Elisha felt the desire to change things up and move over into mortgage brokering. By combining her history of caring for clients in confidentiality, her creativity and integrity, and her professional training with some of the best brokers in the business, Elisha has learned how to help every unique individual into a perfectly-fit mortgage product. She has become a valuable asset to the team and finds pride in helping her clients meet their financial goals and plan for their future.

Elisha is passionate about real estate and finds joy in assisting people make what may be the biggest investment of their lives. Being an independent mortgage broker, she works hard at always keeping her clients' best interests at heart.

All consultations are complimentary and mortgage broker services are provided at no cost to the client. Please call or email Elisha to help you find the best options available for your mortgage or refinancing.

Cell: 778-887-9461 Email: elisha@assurancemortgages.com